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Aida Subirà (1985, Spain). Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and graduate in Graphic Design from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (EINA).

"The spontaneity and the magic of nature are the great protagonists of my work. I explore the immensity of time through color and paper, breaking their limits and playing with light and transparencies. The nakedness of the materials, the contemplation of emptiness and the serenity of flowers are my imagery."

2020, “Trencar, aflorir", solo show at Galeria d'Art l'Arcada, Blanes. GIRONA. SPAIN

2019, group show at The Artists Room Fine Art Gallery, Dunedin. NEW ZEALAND.

2018, “La bellesa de l'instant”, solo show at Sala García-Tornel, Blanes. GIRONA, SPAIN.

2018, “Dones d'art”, Galeria Espai Cavallers, Lleida. LLEIDA, SPAIN.

2017, “Flora”, solo show at Galeria l’Arcada, Blanes. GIRONA, SPAIN.

2016, “En femení”, Galeria Espai Cavallers, Lleida. LLEIDA, SPAIN.

2016, “Aquarel·les”, solo show at Galeria l’Arcada, Blanes. GIRONA, SPAIN.

2015, Finalist "LXX Centelles Prize". BARCELONA, SPAIN.

2015, 2nd prize Sant Jordi Contest of the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona. BARCELONA, SPAIN.

2015, “Joves Talents V. 3”, Casa Saladrigas, Blanes. GIRONA, SPAIN.

2012, participation and exhibition in “Ruta de l’Art de Castelló d’Empuries”. GIRONA, SPAIN.
2012, exhibition “Sabor y olor, una propuesta para la creación” at Meeatings 23. BARCELONA, SPAIN.
2012, exhibition LXX Centelles Prize. BARCELONA, SPAIN.

2012, “4ª Trienal Internacional de la Acuarela” at Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art. SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA.

2011, 1st PRIZE in XXXX Saló Anual d’Art del Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona. BARCELONA, SPAIN.

2011, group exhibition of watercolour painting in Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art. SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA.

2011, group exhibition “Reskate” in the art gallery Pantocrator. BERLIN, GERMANY.

2011, group exhibition “Reskate” in the art gallery Pantocrator. BARCELONA, SPAIN.

2011, “Art sobre paper” at Reial Cercle Artístic Barcelona in collaboration with Círculo Artístico de Madrid. BARCELONA, SPAIN.

2007, 1st PRIZE in XI Premis Catalunya de Cal·ligrafia. (XI Catalunya Awards of Calligraphy). BARCELONA, SPAIN.

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